Friday, 9 September 2022

IBPS Clerk Exam Revision Tips

 IBPS Clerk Exam Revision Tips

IBPS Clerk 2022 Section-Wise Tips :

 1. English Language :

 The key to successfully clearing the English section is having strong fundamentals.  Review your English notes and grammar rules thoroughly.  Practice mock tests.  It helps increase speed, accuracy and confidence.

 2. Numerical Ability :

 This section tests your speed and accuracy.  Practice as many questions as possible paying special attention to the topics of percentage, average, simple and compound interest and profit and loss.  It is helpful to write basic formulas and concepts on a sheet so that you can easily revise them before the exam.

3. Reasoning Ability :

 Reasoning questions take time to work.  Pay special attention to relationships, syllogisms, linear seating arrangements, circular seating arrangements, coding-decoding, inequalities etc. while practicing.  This section is time consuming and lengthy.  So make sure you choose questions wisely and attempt them.

IBPS Clerk 2022 – General Tips :

 1. Plan your own schedule, combine mock tests, revision and rest.  A strategic approach helps avoid confusion and boost confidence.

 2. Avoid overwhelming yourself during revision.  Revise only those things you feel confident about.

 3. Try to avoid starting any new subjects before exam days.  This leads to confusion and reduces confidence.

 4. It is good to write important formulas and concepts on a sheet.  It will be easy to revise.

5. Get plenty of rest and eat well.  Overwork will only spoil your performance.  Rest is essential to perform optimally.

 6. Make sure to keep all the necessary materials prepared the day before the exam.  This helps to save time and avoid last minute panic.

 With planned and dedicated preparation and strategic revision it is possible to crack IBPS Clerk 2022 in the first attempt.  Be confident and keep a calm mind.  We hope this revision plan and tips are useful for your preparation.

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