Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Online Application Invitation for BBMP Welfare Programmes

 Online Application Invitation for BBMP Welfare Programmes

Online applications are invited for the following programs under the welfare programs of the Greater Bangalore Municipal Corporation.  Date: 19-09-2022 has been fixed as last date for submission of applications in this regard and has been extended upto date: 19-10-2022.

  • Subsidy of Rs.5.00 lakhs for construction of house for those who have their own land under the corporation
  •  Free laptop to facilitate studies for undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students.
  •  Smart stick for the blind.
  •  Educational laptop for blind students.
  •  Foldable Wheel Chair for Senior Citizens.

Employers can submit applications free of charge through the Corporation's website https://welfare.bbmpgov.in/.  Or at Bangalore One Center Rs.  30/- fee is provided to submit online application.  A help center has been set up in the office of the Joint Commissioner of all zones where applications can be submitted.


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