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UPSC Mains Exam 2022 : Tips for UPSC Mains Exam Preparation are here

UPSC Mains Exam 2022 : Tips for UPSC Mains Exam Preparation are here

 UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE), is one of the most competitive examinations conducted annually.  The examination is divided into three stages and candidates are selected through preliminary, mains and personal interview.

The UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) Preliminary Result has been declared on June 22, 2022.  Candidates who have cleared the exam will be preparing for the main exam which will be held on September 16, 2022.  Here are some tips on how aspirants should prepare for the exam.

Tips for UPSC Mains Exam Preparation :

 1. Stay updated with daily news :

 As most of the questions asked in UPSC Mains Exam are opinion based, aspirants need to answer their answers with relevant examples.  Therefore

 It is very important for aspirants to know about current events.  It is also important for candidates to read newspapers daily to strengthen their analytical and logical thinking.

2. Practice writing:

 Aspirants should invest as much time as possible in practicing essay writing as there are only a few days left for the exam.  It helps the aspirants to create a connection between their thoughts and writing speed.

3. Revision and time management required:

 Aspirants who have studied the study material available for the main exam should focus on revising all the topics daily.  Aspirants should plan their revision by clubbing similar problems and topics as it is easy to memorize.  Time management is one of the other skills that can significantly help aspirants.  By managing their time aspirants can ensure that they divide their time equally during the exam.

4. Revise Study Materials :

 It is better for aspirants to focus on the material they have already studied rather than taking new learning resources for study.

 Studying new topics at the last minute can be confusing for the mind.  It is easier to read their notes instead of reading the entire syllabus at the last moment.

5. Physical and mental health balance:

 The amount of stress increases as the exam approaches.  In this case aspirants are advised to have nutritious food and sleep well.

 As good performance and concentration are important during exams, it is disadvantageous for the body to be relaxed.

 While all these factors are essential, it is more important for the examinee to have a positive attitude and belief.  This will help you to perform better in the exam.

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