Friday, 7 April 2023

Fuel subsidy of Rs 1250 deposited in farmers account

 Fuel subsidy of Rs 1250 deposited in farmers account

Dear Farmers, Under the Fuel Subsidy Scheme of the State Government to increase the use of agricultural machinery, the fuel subsidy money has been deposited in the farmer's account for the farmers of the state. Let's read about this.

 Energy Subsidy is a scheme implemented by the state government to increase the use of agricultural machinery in agriculture by reducing the manpower required in agriculture and bringing more income to the farmers.

The state government has already provided diesel subsidy to the farmers of the state many times.  Fuel subsidy is said to be really useful for farmers to use in agriculture but like all government schemes this scheme is also said to be scam.

 A farmer who has deposited once is being told that sometimes the money will not be deposited without release, but the state government releases the fuel subsidy to the farmers every time, so many farmers have expressed that scams will happen even in this scheme.

Let's see below what to do if you are getting fuel subsidy every time or not. Only small and very small farmers can get this subsidy i.e. farmers with 2.5 acres to maximum five acres only, the government releases diesel subsidy money.

 You must be registered with Fruits ID to get diesel subsidy.  FRUITS software is an official software of state government only for farmers so you must have registered your name under FRUITS software.

 How to register our name in FRUITS software and what are the uses of FRUITS software Complete information about the schemes available to us from the state government by obtaining FRUITS ID is given on our website Get the information you need on the website with our

 Here you are given the direct link of Fruits software, how you need to enter your name through this link has been told in our and enter it properly.

 Your website can be visited on Google.  If you search in English language you will find there you can get all information related to agriculture.

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