Tuesday, 2 May 2023

Chief Minister's Residential Land Rights Scheme

 Chief Minister's Residential Land Rights Scheme

Hello friends government implements many schemes to improve the financial condition of poor class families of their state and bring social improvement in their life so that they can benefit from it and improve their life.  The government has implemented such a scheme for the poor families who have no house to live in and no land of their own.  The Chief Minister Housing Land Right Scheme has been launched to provide plot or plot facility for construction of government housing to such landless families.  Who will benefit from this scheme How to apply All this information is fully explained in this article Read till the end.

Under this scheme, the government is providing land to families who do not have their own house to live in or land to build housing, so that they can build a house for their livelihood.  Let us inform you that free land will be given to poor families and loan facility will be provided to poor families to build houses.

Residential Land Rights Scheme Eligibility

  •  The applicant's family does not have a residence to live independently.
  •  The applicant's family owns less than 5 acres of land.
  •  The applicant's family holds an eligibility card for receiving ration from a Public Distribution System (PDS) shop.
  •  None of the family members of the applicant are income tax payers.
  •  No member of the applicant's family is in Government service.
  •  The applicant's name is registered in the electoral roll of the village in which he seeks accommodation till January 01, 2021.
How to Apply for Chief Minister's Residential Land Rights Scheme?
  •  Go to aara.mp.gov.in website.
  •  Go to Residential Land Rights Scheme option.
  •  Click on Apply button.
  •  Read the instructions and click Apply.
  •  Fill the application form and click on submit button.
  •  Your application process is complete.  Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had announced the launch of the Chief Minister Housing Land Rights Scheme.  The site will be distributed free of charge under this scheme.  This scheme will soon be implemented in our state as well.

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