Monday, 8 May 2023

Chunavana Mobile App

Chunavana Mobile App

 Only a few hours left for the state assembly elections. Candidates are campaigning door to door.  People are also gearing up to vote.  But, where is their polling station for many people?  Not much information including how to get there.  This problem is also common for those who live in cities.  To answer many such questions, Election Commission has developed an app called 'Chunavana' to solve the confusion of voters.  Just download this app on your mobile, it will provide all the information from polling station, location, navigation.  Click here to download Election App.

How to use?  What information is available?

 – Information is available by downloading the App and entering the name or Voter ID number on the homepage itself.

 - Where is the polling booth, its location and navigation will also be available

 – App also provides information about candidates contesting in your constituency

 - Information about infrastructure, parking system near the polling booth is also available

 - Contains information about how many people are currently standing in the queue at the polling station and how crowded it is

 - Wheelchair booking for special needs can also be done through the App

 - Those who do not have access to the app or Election Commission website can contact 1950 / 180042551950 for information.

What document is required for those without Voter ID?

 There should be no confusion that you cannot vote without Election Commission Identity Card or Voter ID.  Even if you don't have Voter ID, you can vote by giving these ID cards to officials.

 One of these IDs is enough

 1. PAN Card

 2.  Aadhaar Card

 3.  Narega Job Card

 4.  Bank passbook with photo affixed

 5. Pension document with photo

 6. ID of Central, State, Public Sector Companies

 7. Driving License

 8. Insurance smart card issued by Ministry of Labour

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