Monday, 1 May 2023

How to check if your name is in the electoral roll?

 How to check if your name is in the electoral roll?

Election Commission has already prepared the voter list as there are few days left for the Lok Sabha elections.  Everyone above 18 years of age is eligible to vote.  But your name should be in the voter list... You have already applied to add your name in the voter list and you may be wondering whether your name is included in the voter list or not.  So is your name included in the list?  Learn in these 5 simple steps to know whether or not.

How to know if your name is in the electoral roll?

 1. First login to website there.  There are two ways to search the name of the voter.

 2. Fill in your name, date of birth and other details in the first option.

 3. In the second option you can get information by entering your EPIC(Voter Identification Number).

 4. In both options you will get complete information required.  Download it.

 5. If your name is not in the voter list, call the Election Commission toll free number 1800111950 if you do not have the required information.

 Apart from this, online voter list is also available through other websites, name check can also be done by downloading Voter List Online 2019 from Google Play Store.  You cannot vote if your name is not in the electoral roll.

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