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How to know the status of Voter ID application?

 How to know the status of Voter ID application?

The status of Voter ID application can be tracked online, through phone call or through SMS.  Here's how.

People who have completed 18 years of age or above in the country are eligible for voting.

Such persons can apply for voter ID card to vote during election in their state or territory.  Voter ID is an important identification document that is verified before you can cast your vote.  You can apply through the National Voters Service Portal.  Here is the information on how to check the status of the application after submitting the application.

 The Central Election Commission will verify your application and send an email message regarding the details.  For more details remember the reference id.  You can track it online, by phone call or by SMS.  Here's how.

  • You should visit the National Voters Service Portal to know the application status.  Do it for that.
  •  Then click on 'Application status' link.
  •  Enter the reference ID and click on 'Track Application status'.  Now you will know the status of your application.

How to know status of application through phone call?

  •  You can know the status of the application by using the Election Commission calling service.
  •  For this you have to call toll free number 1950.
  •  Follow the instructions in the call, you can know the status of the application through the reference ID.
How to check through SMS?

 The Election Commission usually sends an SMS when the voter ID card is successfully registered.  It also sends an SMS about the status of the application.  However, this service is currently available only in some states.

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