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Important Days in May 2023

 Important Days in May 2023

India is a country of diversity.  A lot of diversity is observed in ethnic, linguistic, regional, economic, religious, class and caste groups etc.  So every month there are various festivals and celebrations, similarly the month of May also starts with important days..

This month is full of fasting and celebrations.  Along with that, it will be useful for those who are studying for competitive exams.

 There are several events in May that you should be aware of.  So, here we have shared a comprehensive list of all the important days of May which will help you plan your celebrations better this month.

  •  May 1 is International Labor Day.  Mohini Ekadashi.  Maharashtra Day.  Gujarat Day  Thrissur Pooram.
  •  May 2 - Parashurama Dwadashi, International Astronomy Day.
  •  May 3 -Buddha Pradosha Vritta.
  •  May 4 - Narasimha Jayanti, World Asthma Day.
  • May 5 - Kurma Jayanti, Buddha Poornima, May 5 - Chitra Poornami.
  •  May 6 - Narada Jayanti, beginning of Jeshtha month.
  •  May 7 - World Athletics Day, May 7 - Rabindranath Tagore's Birthday, May 7 - World Laughter Day,
  •  May 8 - World Red Cross Day and Red Crescent Day, World Thalassemia Day, Sanksha Chaturthi, May 8 - World Red Cross Day
  •  May 9 - World Migratory Bird Day, Tagore Jayanti (as per Bengal calendar).
  •  May 11 - National Technology Day.
  •  May 12 - International Nurses Day, Kalashtami.
  • May 14 - World Mother's Day
  •  May 15 - Dengue Prevention Day.
  •  May 15 - Vrishabha Sankranti.
  •  May 17 - World Hypertension Day, World Telecommunication Day, World Information Society Day, Buddha Pradosha Vrit.
  •  May 18 - World AIDS Vaccine Day, International AIDS Day.
  •  May 19 - Vara Savitri Vrita, Shani Jayanti.
  •  May 20 - World Metrology Day, World Bee Day, Moon Sighting.
  •  May 21 - National Anti-Terrorism Day, Rohini Vrit.
  • May 22 - International Day of Biological Diversity.
  •  May 23 - World Turtle Day, May 23 - Vinayaka Chaturthi.
  •  May 24 - Commonwealth Day, Skanda Shasti.
  •  May 28- Dhumavati Jayanti, International Day of Action for Women's Health.
  •  May 29 - International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers.  International Mount Everest Day.
  •  May 31 - World No Tobacco Day, Nirjala Ekadashi, Gayatri Jayanti.

People who are confused about the correct dates and days, can check this article and know all the fasts and festivals of the month as well as national and international important days.

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