Saturday, 13 May 2023

Karnataka Election 2023 Result

 Karnataka Election 2023 Result

Karnataka Election 2023 Results are just a few hours away.  May 13, Saturday, the counting of votes will begin from 8 am.  So let's know the complete information about how this vote counting will be done here.

The voting process for the state general elections was completed on May 10 in the evening.  After the polling, voting machines including VVPAT, EVM are kept securely in the strong room.  Adequate security has been provided for the last three days.

 The election officials have chosen spacious buildings, government schools and colleges for the counting of votes.  On the day of counting, the officials appointed for counting will reach the designated counting centers at 5 am.  By 6 o'clock they take their seats in front of the prepared tables.  In this case adequate security will be provided in the central premises.  Assistant Returning Officers or Assistant Returning Officers supervise the counting stations.

Polling will begin at 8 am under election supervision.  First the postal votes are counted by officials.  Then they start counting the votes in the electronic voting machines.  Counting of votes will start from eight o'clock and the full picture will be available by noon.

 The people of the state will get the final points including which party gets more votes, who is ahead and behind, based on which the political parties will move forward.  TVNine reports that the official information will be out from the Election Commission itself by evening.

It is said that the leaders of the BJP, JDS and Congress parties, who had been working since months to get the state power after winning the election, took a one-day break after the polls.  Now they have been alerted again just before the counting of votes.  The strategy is that the majority has not come, what is next, if one plan fails, another plan is already prepared.  Political parties are waiting for the counting of votes to be completed.

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